Action Learning Groups for Leaders

Are you interested in finding the support to talk through and resolve your most difficult and challenging management dilemmas with other senior leaders?

KH Learning brings together groups of Chief Executives from Charities and Non-Governmental Organisations – national and international, and senior leaders from Public Sector Bodies. We also set up Action Learning groups for middle managers within larger organisations.

What do you get from one of our Action Learning Groups? Support and ideas to tackle:
  • Managing, building and developing your team
  • Managing change - in particular the emotional responses to change, re-structuring the organisation
  • Managing upwards (your boss) trustees and outwards - stakeholder management
  • Managing poor performance, poor behaviour and attitudes
  • Managing managers who report to you
  • Personal career change and development
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What our clients say about Action Learning


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"My Action Learning group is indispensable - it has been going for over two years now and so the support and advice I get from other members of the group is based on their knowledge of me and my organisation and the issues / successes I have had in the past. It is an absolutely safe environment in which to get feedback from peers on any aspect of being a CEO, and Kate chairs and inputs brilliantly. It involves a commitment of time and money, but I would suggest doing action learning, rather than anything else on offer."

- Clare Algar, CEO UP, Unlocking Potential


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“Action Learning has become an essential tool when I need to problem solve!”

- Paul Mullan, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund, Northern Ireland


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"Don't underestimate the power of peer support. Being a CEO can be isolating. Action learning provides an opportunity for critical analysis in a supportive environment from people who can relate to your situation."

- Sarah Wootton, Chief Executive, Dignity in Dying


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“It is a simple formula with no gizmos but it has a transforming power greater than the sum of its parts."
- Anna Feuchtwang, Chief Executive, National Children's Bureau